XBorder Ecommerce services

Improve business growth

we provide multiple solutions to help your ecommerce business grow faster.

  • global sourcing.
  • website operation.
  • email & sms services.

Global sourcing is no longer a headache.

Want to source from global suppliers while have to wait till the remittance arrives? No need any more! use visa global virtual prepaid card to source from Amazon,eBay,Walmart and etc any time.


website operation

No ideas to run international business on your website?

Headaches to heandle the listing promoting and customer service?

XBorder's Singapore team can handle these all.

  • Experts in website operation.
  • partnership with Facebook & Google.
  • 7 * 24 lustomer service team.

Split payments, transfer funds and flexible payouts

Split payments

Customize how payments are split between one or multiple sub-merchants.

Fund transfer

Move funds between your sub-merchants or between your marketplace and sub-merchants.


Payout to cards or bank accounts manually, or on a schedule.

Use XBorder to provide you with fast e-commerce services