Risk experts and excellent fraud detection system ensure a trouble free experience for merchants

Specialized in online retail, OTA airlines, gaming ,etc.
Tailor-made rule and model for each industry.

Read time risk rules leave no chance for fraudsters

Core competitiveness of risk control is the reaction speed of system. XBorder system will adjust the rule within 10 minutes when detecting a fraud attack.

  • multi parameter negative file.
  • Machine learning.
  • 7 x 24 Risk analyst on duty.

Trouble free experience and labor saving procedure to represent a chargeback.

Merchant always has headaches when represent a charge back. XBorder provides a "three-click" represent ment solution, whirl merchant only has to click and upload the compelling evidence and the professional represent ment lather will be generate and uploaded to acquirer.

  • Merchandise / Service not received
  • Refund not received.
  • Previously refurded chargebacks.

Smart features tailored to your industry

Behavioral analytics

Track suspicious user behavior around payment fields with real-time behavioral analytics to prevent scripted or automated attacks.

3D Secure 2.0

Send transactions for seamless authentication through 3D Secure 2.0 so you don’t harm your conversions.

Transaction linking

Real time graph analysis (a method used to analyse complex networks) tracks patterns to identify and prevent fraud dynamically.

Device fingerprinting

Identify the shoppers and fraudsters behind transactions by tieing multiple signals into a single profile for every device.

Automated chargeback defense

Reduce the burden of lengthy disputes by automatically defending chargebacks and freeing up your resources.

Risk engine

Combine rules and policies that are optimized through the use of machine learning to fit your fraud prevention strategy.

Case management

Get a full overview of data signals for every transaction (payment, IP, and location data) plus automated workflows that help simplify manual reviews.

Start taking recurring payments